10 Efforts I Am Making to Reduce My Carbon Footprint | Yahoo!

10 Efforts I Am Making to Reduce My Carbon Footprint | Yahoo!.  (No longer available online. Original text included below.)

Each of us has an impact on our environment, but with a little care and some common sense, we can reduce the harmful effects.. Here are 10 efforts I am making to reduce my “carbon footprint”.

  1. Tires: Since under-inflated tires not only reduce your mileage by up to 5%, but also reduce the tread life by up to 25%, I check my tires once a month.
  2. Composting: Composting not only reduces the amount of trash I put into landfills, and the amount of fuel required to get it there, I also use it in my garden, reducing the need to buy and transport fertilizer.
  3. Programmable Thermostat: Using a programmable thermostat, I lower my heat setting by 8 degrees both at night, and while I’m at work, reducing the amount of energy required to heat my home by 16%.
  4. Bike to Work: I bike to work, 20 miles total each day which not only keeps me in shape and saves money, but also reduces the need for 350 gallons of fuel, and lessens my CO2 emissions by 7000 lbs. each year.
  5. Filtered vs Bottled: Filtered water costs me 90% less than bottled water, while also reducing the energy and resources required to make and transport the product.
  6. Laptop vs Desktop: I replaced my 150 watt desktop computer with a tiny laptop that averages less than 15 watts, and is quick and easy to put to sleep and wake up.
  7. Laptop vs Television: My 46” flatscreen is great when I have people over, but when I’m alone, watching shows on my little laptop reduces my energy consumption by over 160 watts.
  8. Small Home: My home is 724 square feet, less than a third of the size of current new homes that average over 2400 square feet. Less materials to build, less energy to heat and cool, less space to fill with “stuff”.
  9. Reduce Mail: I opt for electronic bills and statements over paper mailings. I also request to be removed from mailing lists. This not only saves paper, but also the fuel to deliver and then haul it away, and the energy to recycle it.
  10. Locate Vampires: Using a “Kill-a-Watt” device, I monitor my electronics to learn their power consumption both in use, and when idle, helping me devise a plan to reduce my overall power consumption.